About The Devil

People often tell me that I have a great sense of humor. I know that probably isn’t coming across in this photo, in fact this picture probably makes me look like someone who boils people’s skulls.  But I promise I don’t do stuff like that. There was actually some guy who lived in Chicago when I did, who was doing that, but I didn’t even know him.

Anyway, because I am (apparently) pretty funny, I try to tell my life stories to people in a way that’s relatable and entertaining. Often when I show up at cool urban venues to do this, people assume that I am a serial killer and that I must be in the wrong place, yet somehow, I still generally manage to win the audience. I’m not sure how that happens. I’m not much of a conversationalist in person.

I am the winner and all-city champion of the 2009 Windy City Story Slam in Chicago, IL. I also won the recent 2011 MOTH student story slam in Savannah, GA. This is not quite the same thing as “slam poetry.” I don’t usually get along with slam poets. My work has   appeared in places like Chicago Public Radio, thug lit, Criminal Class Review and StreetCarnage.com.

I am also half Jewish.  I enjoy bagels, Larry David, and Slayer. Often in that order.


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