Post-racial, gay Obama chicken, ya’ll

Not to beat a dead chicken, but in the course of writing about Chick-fil-A, I happened to stumble across this article in The New York Times.

I’m seriously curious. What the hell is the matter with some Arab owned carry out place referring to itself as Obama Fried Chicken?

Seeing as the place exists in Brownsville, Brooklyn, the native home of the fat, sassy Rev. Al Sharpton, I suppose it’s only natural that it should be deemed “offensive to African Americans.”  Yet on the other hand, Obama is the “post-racial” president. In a post-racial society like ours, why should the name of our president (who single-handedly eliminated the notion of race), be offensive to anyone, in particular a community of “African Americans”, who according to post-racial standards, needn’t be limited by that identity?

Well, because it’s a racial stereotype, picketers will say, that black people eat fried chicken.

Ok. In my own experience growing up around black people, I’d say this is often true. And I am craving some Popeye’s as I write this, so I guess my blackness is showing. But all that aside, is it really so unreasonable to assume that Barack Obama has eaten fried chicken before? He seems to like it a lot…

And what about the Reverend Al? If this racial stereotype really bothers him so much, why does he perpetuate it by eating so much fried chicken? Additionally, isn’t it fair to assume that at some point in time, these two leaders of the post-black public dined on a wing or two together? As the magical 8 ball indicates, signs point to yes.

Furthermore, isn’t Obama also “the first gay president?” Couldn’t that make his chicken a rainbow friendly alternative to the fascism of Chick-fil-A as the popularity of his bird continues to flourish?

Already there are Obama Fried Chicken locations in Manhattan and Beijing. There’s even a deli/grocery in the Baltimore ghetto called Welcome Second Obama..whatever that means.

With all these Obama themed restaurants popping up all around the post racial globe, I’m kind of surprised that the White House couldn’t have issued a nicer statement.  But then again on the other hand, I’m kind of surprised that the White House felt compelled to issue any statement at all.

I know it’s been a tense couple of weeks but it’s just chicken, folks. Let’s chill the fuck out.


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