Shit Ultimate Warrior Says

When it comes to the student demonstrators, “anarchists”, and others in the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, there are a lot of unkind things I’m tempted to say.  But why say them when pro wrestling legend, The Ultimate Warrior can say them, for me?

Recently in an interview captured on The Young Turks Network, James Brian Hellwig (aka The Warrior) told reporters “I would never take a one sided defense for corporate America, but I find it a little ironic that most of these kids own iPads, iPhones, all these material things that are a big part of the consumerism that goes on in this country.”

Sounds fair, so far as I’m concerned.  Although Cenk Uygur disagrees. According to this smart-mouth Turk, since The Warrior is a  former wrestler, he must be wrong. Cenk says that the “core message” of the Occupy movement is the purchasing of politicians by corporations–not corporations themselves. A good rebuttal, but ultimately not effective enough. Not when one considers The Warrior’s additional point that a lot of these young occupiers don’t even know what they are protesting in the first place. To this effect, all Cenk had to say was, once again, “the guy is a wrestler, he gets hit with chairs.”

Having heard both sides, I’m gonna have to award the argument to The Warrior. I’ll concede that he’s one roided, ragey dude (and not particularly well spoken at that), but for me, his tirade hits home a little more than Cenk’s rather simplistic defense of the movement. I might also be siding with The Warrior here, because I don’t particularly like the Turkish people I’ve met. In fact, I often find myself thinking that Turkey is nothing but a third world Muslim shit hole masquerading as a European nation. That’s not The Warrior speaking. That’s all me.

Then there are other things The Warrior says.  Like the time he told the Young Republicans at the University of Connecticut that “queering doesn’t make the world work.”

Later on his website, he put this in more politically correct terms by explaining that the human race would die out if everyone was a homosexual. I don’t think The Warrior considered insemination in this case, but removing that from the equation, it’s sort of hard to argue with what he said. I do, however, think it’s good to have some gays around, if only to limit the amount of reckless breeding going on out there. I would amend this quote by saying, “queering doesn’t make the world work, but some queering is necessary.”

Of course, when it comes to his wrestling promos, there is a lot of other shit that The Ultimate Warrior says which is ultimately indecipherable.

Back in his prime, I’m not sure he  understood what he was saying in front of the camera, either. In this bit here, he’s perfectly clear about the fact that he “never did understand” and “never tried to understand” anything at all, basically.

Not to mention, this pre-9/11 gem, in which The Warrior alludes to pilots “who have already made the sacrifice” and threatens to crash Hulk Hogan’s plane.

Ultimately, no matter what The Warrior claimed to be “injecting” in his veins from those “Warrior Gods” he spoke of, at least we know that nicotine wasn’t a part of the mix.


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